It’s a #frienemy!!! Yeah! It’s makes you feel productive (temporarily), more friendlier and you can see the “brighter” side in every situation(temporarily). Some people just like how it taste. (it’s an acquired taste for adults like beer to me—-I don’t like that.😅🤮)

- It takes your appetite (I guess that’s a good thing to some people; but if your GI TRACT is already in “fight or flight” it’s NOT good! It’s probably why you no longer feel the effects of it ——-> that “fight or flight” is a MF! But that’s another topic for another day.

-It dehydrates you (Dry thirsty self!); pulls all of your B vitamins and electrolytes off of you ( and you’re wondering why your hair is always breaking and damaged and your lips are always White).

-It constipates most people; some people say it “flushes me out” <—— that’s a “diarrhea” effect (still dehydrAting).

-It crashes your adrenals (the adrenal cortex) causing fatigue (no energy and lack of motivation) and creates codependency.

-It Causes #depression, anxiety (the jittery “I’m scared for no reason” feeling ) and headaches; another component of the adrenal fatigue.

- It causes #insomnia;over stimulation of the adrenal cortex (where you natural steroids are produced).

I will never advise anybody to stop eating or drinking anything, but I will always tell you do everything in moderation! Too much (excessive) or not enough (deficiency) of ANYTHING throws the body out of #homeostasis ; that’s what breeds a “dis-eased” state. Make sure you protect your adrenals with adaptogen (ginsengs) herbs and replenish your B vitamins and electrolytes whenever you’re consuming #caffeine. You can stop the caffeine crashes by adding a half of teaspoonful of coconut oil or perhaps, try some #seamossgel for the mineral/electrolytes replenishment. #haveyoupoopedtoday