But on the Contrary........ Sugar from Grapes and Seamoss might be a MOVE!!!

COULD YOU PLEASE PASS THE GELLY? Not, the Welch’s Jelly, but The Medicinal Grade Moss GELLY!

I noticed that you can get Sushi flavored #seamoss, Laffy Taffy & Jolly Rancher Flavored sea moss, a little black peas and sweet potato flavored sea moss. But I think what most don’t understand is that sea moss has amphoteric properties (laymen’s terms: it has both detoxing/cleansing and nourishing potential). When you mix sugar daddies and gmo fruit in it that will cancel the detoxifying properties. You may still get the libido enhancement, the anti-histamine (clearing allergies) and maybe even hair growth, but you probably won’t get the benefits of it pulling soooooooooo much mucus that you can see it in your stools; giving your cells a bath(REAL EXPERIENCE FROM MYSELF AND SOME OF MY CLIENTS). Let’s think about how it can boost your thyroid, but it’s has so much banana pudding in it 🤣🤣 that you have yet to experience that benefit. See, that salty taste and gelatinous texture actually has a purpose. When you use sugar to cancel that you’re deactivating cellular activity. Think about the minerals being able to penetrate your organs getting down to your cells to do a REAL CLEANSING EFFECT. Now, about The Medicinal Grade Moss GELLY! 😅👏🏽 (I get excited about this kind of ISH) I get people like TASTE, FLAVOR, or whatever. But God is there a way that they can get flavor and still experience the amphoteric benefits? What I understand about a Grape 🍇 (green or purple) is it taste good and it can pull some ish out of the body (mucus, allergies, mucoid plaque out of the small intestines, clear skin-dewy looking skin too) and still allow the seamoss to function in the body at its FULL POTENTIAL; giving your cells a REAL BATH! So, yes! Here’s the purple grapes and seamoss duo ready to give you the full experience of what both FOOD AND SEAMOSS CAN DO! So, put this GELLY ON YOUR TOAST! 🤗🤗

Order yours NOW, because this ISH will sell out FAST!!!!

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