All the Reasons Why I Will Always Love Calendula

  • Calendula thoroughly cleanses inguinal lymph nodes (the lymph nodes in your pelvic area). If those lymph nodes are congested, it can lead to the lymph nodes under your arm pit to clog up ( which is why it’s used in a lot of NATURAL DEODORANTS), hence the beginning stages of Breast C🤮nc🤢r. It has strong anti-tumor properties🧐.
  • Calendula cleanses the spleen and assists with sulfur metabolism in the body. If you get bloated and full of gas after eating foods in the cabbage family --—->clean your spleen and your colon(Use Calendula, Nettles and Burdock). Spleen imbalances triggers allergic responses in the body.
  • Calendula is great for dermatitis,eczema, psoriasis, blocking UV rays (yes, natural sunblock) and any other skin problems. Ladies, it’s awesome for hydrating and evening the skin complexion.
  • Calendula makes the best mouthwash. It tightens the gums and clears any oral infections.
  • Calendula nourishes the second brain in our gut by balancing both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. It heals gastric ulcers and reduces intestinal inflammation.​​

Yours in the “funkiest” way🤙🏽💚, The POOP ENTHUSIAST