table with green drink, candle and white orchid

​"Radiance and Vitality from the inside out..."

At Orchid Vitality, our mission has always been the same: "Radiance and Vitality from the inside out".

Founded in 2007, our clients trust us to offer the best source of health information (from a Holistic medicine perspective) and COLON HYDROTHERAPY in the ATLANTA, GEORGIA area and beyond. We offer organic services (Bacials and Massages), Ionic Foot Detox Bath, creating custom diet/detox plans and products, juicing therapy and infrared sauna treatments, hosting health fairs and other vitality related events to build relationships and to bring awareness in our community. Our team is the most professional, experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy team in the business.

A Tradition Of Excellence...

Founded in 2007, Orchid Vitality was built on the principles of unwavering quality service and a customer-friendly attitude. Those principles have become a legacy that we've enjoyed in the many years since.

Continuing that tradition today...

Our reputation is the backbone of our customer base. We rely heavily on great customer service to keep our business strong and ensure we can still offer the quality you've come to expect. Orchid Vitality was established with a goal of assisting our community in achieving and maintaining health and longevity. With health and image being a primary goal for most consumers, we pride our company services on pursuing "Radiance and Vitality from the inside out." We believe a healthy body creates a healthy image. Our focus is to educate our clients on preventative practices and maintaining health with a natural approach.

Looking ahead...

Our mission statement of "Radiance and Vitality from the inside out" remains the same as the day we began our business.

​ We hope you'll keep looking to us as your source of EXPERT information and health rejuvenating services.